The hallmark is mandatory. It is the one that helps to identify and to distinguish a respected manufacturer on Jewellery:

Retailers – Wholesalers – Manufactures – Designers – Artisans …

Hallmark is the “Quality certificate of the product”:

  • An official agency confirms and checks the quality
  • Goods´ origin is controlled and verified
  • The manufacture/Importer/Wholesale … is submitted to periodic controls

REQUEST to your supplier goods HALLMARKED with the Official mark ….

Selling Jewellery products without the official hallmark is illegal and can be strongly fined by the governmental agencies.

Goods WITHOUT THE OFFICIAL HALLMARK can come from some illicit origin or not fulfill the karat´s laws of the manufacturing or selling country.

It does not valid if the piece only has the 925 mark (sterling silver 925) or 750 (fine gold 18Kt) It must go together with the OFFICIAL SPANISH HALLMARK AND OF EVERY MANUFACTURER´S MARK for his legal trade and for avoiding big fines.

The last person in charge of this matter is the one that sells the goods to the final consumer